Propaganda is defined as, “ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause”

So many people are perplexed with the Covid-19 lockdowns, mask requirements, social distancing, loss of jobs, homes, and their very sanity. What lies behind all of this? There have been so many conflicting reports that one has to ask the question, Is it even a pandemic? or Propaganda?

COVID19 Pandemic Propaganda includes more than 400 recent media articles and quotes that may not have been so publicly made. The media outlets are powerful. With the power of persuasion they can convince most people that a pile of horseshit is a fly farm, then tell us how we should support all of our local fly farms. This booklet acts as a good reference guide to activate any fly farmers thinking process.

Pass these booklets to friends, family, co-workers or any anyone you think knows something is amiss here. Place them in various places that you think people will find them. Leaving your Uber ride, Dr's office, library, schools, etc... It's low cost, low profile activism.


It seems that most people today have no qualms with rolling up their sleeves to get a vaccine, or with having their children get vaccinated. In fact, many people take it for granted that vaccines are beneficial, or at least benign, since they are legally required, yea, are often forced to get injected. For example, school kids around the country are not allowed to attend school unless they receive a plethora of shots, and even many adults can’t get a job in certain professions without having their vaccine record up to date. But the vaccines aren't really beneficial... They aren't safe!

You've been warned! Now warn friends and family of the dangers of vaccines!